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ShmueliCast - Episode 3: Duvid Kaufman, Dart Media

Duvid Kaufman is known in a lot of different industries, not just because he has clients that use his -well known - Dart Media for their marketing but because he's already made a dent in the music industry. His famous songs are all over ranging from Oy Tatte, Beri Weber. Hamevoreich Yisboreich, Yoely Greenfeld and more. All this aside, the reason I brought him up is because he's an old good friend of mine and I’ve learned a lot from him through the years and I'm hopeful you'll learn something too . Episode sponsored by 24 Six ----------------------------------------------------- Follow on social media. ShmueliCast Shmueli Ungar Dart Media InSight Studio ----------------------------------------------------- Listen to the podcast on your favorite streaming services. Amazon Music Apple Podcasts Castbox Google Podcasts iHeartRadio Pandora Pocket Casts RadioPublic Spotify Stitcher


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