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ShmueliCast - Episode 2 : Shalom Vagshal (Part 2)

Longtime event producer and manager for a number of big names in the music industry, Shulem Vagshal talks with Shmueli about his new podcast and the pros (and some cons) that doing this is causing for a name like Shmueli’s. Shulem Vagshal is well known for producing the world renowned Kumzing concerts in Israel, he’s also representing Shmueli, MBD and Naftali Kempah amongst others. Episode sponsored by Leil Shishi. ----------------------------------------------------- Follow on social media. ShmueliCast Shmueli Ungar Shulem Vagshal InSight Studio ----------------------------------------------------- Listen to the podcast on your favorite streaming services. Amazon Music Apple Podcasts Castbox Google Podcasts iHeartRadio Pandora Pocket Casts RadioPublic Spotify Stitcher


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