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Transform Your Life In 7 Minutes With Pinchus Schiff

Welcome to Podsitivity!

your weekly dose of positivity and inspiration! Join us as we explore the power of conscious living, awareness, and intentional choices to create a life of happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. From mindfulness and self-care to gratitude and positive thinking, we'll dive into practical tips and inspiring stories to help you cultivate a more joyful, present, and meaningful life.

Tune in for conversations and feel free to join conversations through commenting and start to live your best life,

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/ pincus-schiff


0:00 intro

3:06 sales tips

5:11 practicing sales in real time

10:23 finding your passion

17:06 setting and missing goals

23:58 trusting god with your dreams

25:50 finding my why

29:27 how to manage stress


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