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Restless mind & exploring creativity with Yossi Blumenfeld CEO of GCNY on Podsitivity with Eli Weber

"Welcome to Podsitivity!

your weekly dose of positivity and inspiration! Join us as we explore the power of conscious living, awareness, and intentional choices to create a life of happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. From mindfulness and self-care to gratitude and positive thinking, we'll dive into practical tips and inspiring stories to help you cultivate a more joyful, present, and meaningful life.

Tune in for conversations and feel free to join conversations through commenting and start to live your best life,

and remember to subscribe for a weekly boost of positivity!"

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0:00 intro

01:42 How did you get started in marketing

03:17 how did Eli become so famous

06:40 creativity areas

11:11 sales from marketing & branding

17:26 Hatzolah & Rccs

19:52 figuring out what a client wants

27:20 investing in great ideas

29:15 finding your gift to build

31:12 losing is gaining hashem is in control

36:55 how to give criticism

37:53 plan of growth

42:58 pressure, stress & mindfulness


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