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He Was Managing $19.3 Billion at 34-Years-Old & WALKED AWAY (w/ Morris Smith) | KOSHER MONEY Ep. 26

It's not every day a 34-year-old walks away from a career worth millions and millions of dollars. Meet Morris Smith, who in 1992 was managing over $19 BILLION over at the Magellan Fund, and, in the words of, had "achieved a level of success that most others can only dream of." So why walk away from it all? That's exactly what we asked this righteous man. Enjoy the episode! You can reach Morris Smith at - tell him we say hi! SPONSOR LINKS 🏡 Need a Mortgage? They're Epic - 🙇‍♂️ Help Support Israel’s Neediest - TIME STAMPS 00:00 Intro 01:06 Meet Morris Smith 03:37 His First Job 05:00 His Big Break 06:07 His Career Trajectory 09:56 Life$tyle Change$? 12:34 His Career Progresses 13:15 A Fork in the Road 14:15 The Big Promotion 18:14 How to Be Interviewed 19:30 Wearing a Kipa at Work 20:54 The Jaw-Dropping Decision 28:41 Sponsor Message 30:59 Marital Communication 32:37 Happiness or Regret? 35:30 His Daily Schedule 37:00 Morris’s Message 39:00 The Dangers of Wasting Time 42:55 A Documentary Morris Connected With ( 44:00 S

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