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A Journey from Hispanic Upbringing to Hassidic Judaism | Mayer Weiss

Through great travails, challenges, and opportunities, Mayer Weiss navigated his way to Judaism. His journey is an inspiring story of growth and renewal, from his roots in Mexico to his various stops along the path to a new way of life. Mayer can be reached at: ____________________________________ Need Financial Planning and Life insurance? Call Moshe Alpert! Email: for a free consultation, or head to Or call 718-644-1594 _______________________________________ Help RCCS Raise The Bar! Donate at _______________________________________ For the best-looking and most comfortable dress shirts in the world.. Use promo code: MEANINGFUL for 15% off! ______________________________________ With Tisha B'Av approaching, check out Aleph Beta's collection of inspiring Tisha B'Av videos. Rabbi David Fohrman, founder of Aleph Beta, explores some of the most beloved Tisha B'Av texts to discover the deeper meaning and relevance of the day. And for a limited time only, our listeners get $18 off an annual Aleph Beta membership, which will give you access to all the Tisha B’Av videos plus hundreds more on parsha and the other holidays. Go to Aleph Beta and enter coupon code MEANINGFUL23 for $18 off an annual premium membership. ______________________________________ Win the Tesla of your choice or fifty thousand dollars in cash! This raffle is benefiting the Chicago Chesed Fund. Chicago Chesed Fund is a tzedaka organization dedicated to helping families in crisis, and is funding 80+ programs and services right now. For your chance to win, head to, where you can get $25 off two tickets by using the promo code “MPP”. ______________________________________ Subscribe to Meaningful Minute on WhatsApp: WhatsApp Subscribe Link ____________________________________ Subscribe to our Podcast Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google Podcasts: Or wherever Podcasts are available! Follow us on Instagram: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Editor: Sruly Saftlas Podcast created by: Meaningful Minute For more info and upcoming news, check out: #jew #jewish #podcast #frum #rabbi #frumpodcast #meaningfulpeople #torah #mitzvah #hashem #jewishmusic #jewishpodcast #israel #kumzitz #nachigordon #jewishpod #Conversion #Mayer #Weiss #Chassidim #hispanic


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