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Yiddish Nachas'dig - (Extended) Ep. 01 - Dirshu Siyum 2022 | אידיש נחת'דיג 01 - דרשו סיום בהלכה 5782

We're proud to present to you a new series called "Yiddish Nachas'dig" premium selected footage filmed behind the scenes at events where the Kinderlach of Yiddish Nachas performed, just to show you some small glimpse of the effort and work the kids put into each and every performance starting from when the gig gets confirmed till the drive home afterwards. First & Extended episode was filmed at the Dirshu Siyum B'Halacha in the Cure Arena Stadium on March 3rd 2022 Filmed & Edited by Volvi Spitzer And Power on Studios Special thanks to Mordche Fligman


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