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Yiddish Gems Medley (Live) Avraham Fried, The A Team & Zimra Choir | A Yaldei Event

Decades since his songs have been introduced to the world, Reb Yom Tov Ehrilch’s music continues to be sung in Jewish homes and bring joy and inspire people around the world. Snap your fingers, clap & sing along as we go through some those timeless classics, performed live at the annual Yaldei event in Montreal. Produced by: Yitzy Schwartz & MK Studios Music Arranged by : Avremi G Zimra Choir Conducted & Arranged by : Isumer Orgel Live Audio : Stellar Productions Live Mix: Moshe Zukerman Post Mix: Eli Lishinsky Bass Overdubs: Ramon de Bruyn Guitar Overdubs: Motti Feldman Montreal Orchestra Support: Yo Aisenstark / Shearim Orchestra Live Video by: Engel Studios/Stellar Productions Video Edit by: Studio 62 / leiby wedier Marketing: I & Me Media SHOW LESS

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