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Yiddish Gems Medley (Live) Avraham Fried, The A Team & Zimra Choir | A Yaldei Event

Decades since his songs have been introduced to the world, Reb Yom Tov Ehrilchโ€™s music continues to be sung in Jewish homes and bring joy and inspire people around the world. Snap your fingers, clap & sing along as we go through some those timeless classics, performed live at the annual Yaldei event in Montreal. Produced by: Yitzy Schwartz & MK Studios Music Arranged by : Avremi G Zimra Choir Conducted & Arranged by : Isumer Orgel Live Audio : Stellar Productions Live Mix: Moshe Zukerman Post Mix: Eli Lishinsky Bass Overdubs: Ramon de Bruyn Guitar Overdubs: Motti Feldman Montreal Orchestra Support: Yo Aisenstark / Shearim Orchestra Live Video by: Engel Studios/Stellar Productions Video Edit by: Studio 62 / leiby wedier Marketing: I & Me Media SHOW LESS

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