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YIDDEN - Chaim Ghoori - Live in Tekoa, Israel

The forth in a series of live performances of songs from Chaim Ghooris brand new album "Collecting Sparks" in collaboration with TYH Nation.

Collecting Sparks

During the process of creating the world, sparks of holiness were scattered throughout every part of creation. Man’s goal is to “redeem” these sparks by finding the Godliness within everything, and reconnecting it to its source.

Everywhere I go, and every interaction I have, is an opportunity to collect these holy sparks and elevate them to their source in Hashem’s unity.

Whether I am waiting in line at the store, doing a mitzvah or something completely mundane, I can always be collecting sparks!

To hear the full album:

Apple Music

/ collecting-sparks

For bookings: email us: - WhatsApp us 929-225-5260


Drums: Zvi Rodan

Bass: Alon Hillel

Guitar: Benny Weil

Flute: Niv Klil Hahoresh

Piano: Mendy Portnoy

Recorded by Zvi Rodan

Mixed by Mendy Portnoy

Filmed and edited by Shimon Maharik


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