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What's Behind a Commercial Washing Machine Let's Talk with Yoily Lefkowitz from Laundry store

Dive into the world of commercial laundry systems with Yoily Lefkowitz, a specialist in commercial washing machines. From the purchase and delivery to installation and operation of advanced payment systems, Yoily covers it all—no more coins needed! In this episode, we take you behind the scenes at a bustling Yeshiva in Lakewood, where Yoily is busy tuning up multiple machines to ensure they're ready for the new semester.

Yoily's expertise isn't just limited to Yeshivas; he also caters to schools, mikvahs, laundromats, nursing homes, shelters, and commercial buildings across the entire Tri-State area and beyond.

📞 Contact Yoily: 347-243-1494


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