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Welcome to Liberty Pizza in Liberty,NY Open All Year Round! check out their massive pizza production

Located at 1885 Rt. 52, Liberty, NY, this is our original location, offers a fantastic menu:

- A wide variety of pizzas

- Delicious pastas

- An array of sides

- A full sushi menu

- A massive salad bar

- Soft ice cream

- Hot and cold coffees

Come check out our mass production capabilities, perfect for handling any amount of customers. We also bake freshly for camps and institutions, including:

- Pizzas

- Pizza bagels

- Sicilian slices

- Mini pizzas

**Operating Hours:**

- Every day: 9 AM - 10 PM

- Friday: Closes 2 hours before Shabbos

- Motzei Shabbos: Open 1 hour after Zman until 2 AM

Delivery is available!

Contact us at 845-292-7499. Our locations operate under the CRC and OK hashgacha.

Visit us and enjoy a delightful dining experience at either of our Liberty Pizza locations


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