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Wanna Invest Like a Millionaire? Strategies Revealed (with Naftali Horowitz) | KOSHER MONEY Ep 23

Rabbi Naftali Horowitz advises millionaires and billionaires in the world of investing and he stopped into the Kosher Money studio again to share more insights with you. Enjoy!

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0:01 Intro

1:48 Welcome Back

2:05 Is The Stock Market Gambling?

3:54 Should I Invest in Stocks? Index Funds?

11:37 Disclaimer: These are Not Endorsements

12:30 Smart People Pick Stocks This Way

15:35 The Psychology of Investing

17:54 Sponsor

19:13 Do People Ask You for Stock Picks?

22:40 Stock Picking at Start of Russian-Ukrainian War

25:43 Controlling Emotions During Turbulent Times

31:20 Behavioral Finance and Biases To Be Aware Of

37:18 Meet Steve & More Biases

48:55 Sponsor

50:21 Berkshire Hathaway’s Class A vs. Class B Shares

51:00 What to Do to Avoid Stock Market Mistakes

51:51 How Naftali Made Someone $4,000,672.87

53:56 Bitcoin, Crypto & How to Trade Exotic Investments

56:20 Another Bias: Regret Aversion

59:47 Sagely Advice on Money

1:02:38 Difference in Friction in Marriages of Rich vs. Poor

1:06:10 Rabbi Naftali Horowitz’s Parting Advice

1:09:22 Outro

Naftali's book "You Revealed: A Torah path to a Life of Success" can be found here:

Please note that this book was written predominately for an observant Jewish reader.

(Due to high demand the book sells out quickly but is usually back in stock within one week.)

To reach Naftali send an email to: - Please DO NOT email his work email as none of those emails will be answered.

After you finish this episode, be sure to watch our other interview with R' Naftali Horowitz on how to build wealth:

Oh, and all investment strategies and investments involve risk of loss. Nothing contained in this episode or any of our episodes and videos should be construed as investment advice.

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