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Viznitz Rebbe Yerushalayim - Rav Eliezer Zev Hager - Makdim - Health Awareness Event - July 18 2023 Makdim is holding a health awareness event for the community to learn about preventing illnesses and improving health through early intervention efforts. The evening is for men ages thirty and above and includes a complete health panel of impressive, top-of-the-line doctors. Makdim was founded with the goal of saving lives, one health screening at a time. The organization seeks to raise awareness of the importance of health screenings while emphasizing the life-saving benefits of early disease detection and takes a unified approach to tackle low levels of health screenings within the Boro Park community. The Makdim Health Awareness Event will take place at Ateres Golda, 1362 50th Street, from 7:15 to 9:00 p.m. No pre-registration is necessary. Rav Yitzchok Stralberg will emcee the evening. Divrei bracha will be given by the Admor M'Viznitz Yerushalayim, and Rabbi Zusha Aush will discuss the topic of Refuah in Halacha. The Health Panel includes Dr. Aaron Z. Tokayer, professor of medicine/gastroenterology at Maimonides Medical Center; Dr. Eli Inzlicht-Sprei, internal medicine, medical doctor, Premium Health Center; Dr. David Sherman, internal medicine, cardiovascular disease at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. The evening will be moderated by Dr. Shimsi Zimmerman, Medical Director at Chevra Hatzala and Centers Health Care. Personal stories and accounts will be shared as well over the evening. The event is free for attendees.


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