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V’hueir Eineinu - Cantor Yakov Yosef Stark - Lev Choir | והאר עינינו - יעקב יוסף שטארק - מקהלת לב

V’hueir Eineinu is a Cantorial piece composed by Sholom Katz, Sholom was originally from Hungary, he served as the Chief Cantor of Bucharest after the holocaust, then continued to New York, where he served as cantor in the Romanian Synagogue in NYC.

Renowned Cantor Yakov Yosef Stark has a special place in his heart for Sholom’s compositions, and after performing this very song at a recent wedding with Lev Choir, everyone in attendance agreed that this is something the world needs to hear.

To read more about the life of Sholom Katz, Visit


Cantor Yakov Yosef Stark | Lev Choir

Choir conducted & arranged by Aba Berkowitz

Piano: Shai Bachar

Vocals recorded at Shevach Studios

Mixed by Chaim Moses

Video by TwoTone Media

Cover Design: Yanky Heller

Project Management/Marketing: SolBlum Media

Special Thanks to Gershy Schwarcz, Yossi Glick, Ari Levy & Moshe Greenfeld

Connect with Cantor Yaakov Stark

YouTube: @CantorYaakovStark


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