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V’heishiv Live! | והשיב לב - An all star performance at the Kesher Nafshi Shabbaton. MK production

MK Productions is proud to present a heartwarming video ‘Veheishiv Live’ Listen to Reb Hershel sharing his personal life story for the first time, and the reason why his newly released album ‘Tischadeish’ instantly became a hit among thousands. See what life events inspired him to compose these beautiful songs, and what pushed him to finally decide to release it for the world to hear. Watch and witness the love between a father and a son unfold live in front of a full audience at the ‘Kesher Nafshi’ Shabbaton. This is a story of inspiration, A story of unity, And a story of hope. Shabbos Kodesh: 5:53 Zchor- Feat. Isaac Honig: 11:35 Haneluvin: 18:27 Mi Huish - Feat. Hershy Weinberger: 23:04 Ich Gleib - Feat. Moshy Kraus: 31:00 Tischadeish - Feat. Shmueli Ungar: 37:23 V’heishiv LIVE!: 41:16 V’heishiv - Feat. Beri Weber & Heedy Rosenberg: 49:25 The event took place at the Kesher Nafshi Shabbaton - Motzei Shabbas parshas Vayigash, at the Armon hotel in Stamford CT. The event was masterfully produced by MK productions. Performed by: Reb Hershel Rosenberg Isaac Honig Hershy Weinberger Moshy Kraus Shmueli Ungar Beri Weber Heedy Rosenberg Music by the Shia Kaller Band Choir by ‘Lev Choir’ lead by Aba Berkowitz. Live mix by: Eli Glassman VJ, screens, and lighting by ‘Stage productions’ Event planner: Eli Friedman productions. Post production and mix by: Zisha Schnitzer - MK studios. Video recording: Motty Engel, Ari Lowy. Video editing: Ari Lowy, Studio On Dot. Special Thanks: Gedalya Weiser Chaim Loeb Mordche Fligman Volvi Spitzer To listen to the Tischadeish album visit To book MK productions for your event, or studio needs. Please call 845-662-3136 or email Isaac Honig (718) 541-2434 Hershy Weinberger (929) 437-3381 Shmueli ungar (718) 475-1111 Beri Weber (845) 537-5743 Heedy Rosenberg (845) 596-2166 Shia kaller band (845) 293-7463 Lev Choir (845) 596-2166 Stage Productions (347) 451-4814 Eli Friedman (347) 581-9633 Ari Lowy, studio on dot (347) 598-0919 Gedalya Weiser, GW lighting (845) 500-6051


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