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Concrete Wall

URI DAVIDI - Agudah Achas ( Official Music Video) | אורי דוידי - אגודה אחת URI DAVIDI - Agudah Achas Stream here - Produced By: Mint Media Composed and written by: Chayala Neuhaus Arranged by: Tzvi Blumenfeld Vocals recorded and produced at: C-Note Studios Featuring: Uri Davidi Shir Vshevach Boys Choir Arranged & Conducted By: Chaim Meir Fligman Kids choir recorded at: Master Studios - Airmont, NY Additional programming: Shua Sorscher Mixed By: Yitzy Berry Directed By: Moshe Shindler Produced By: Moshe Niehaus BeeG Marketing Lead Editor: Mordy Fisgus Special Effects: Mordy Fisgus Jeremy Lewis Costume & Set Design: Devorah Loeb Usher Weldler Shayna Goldman Executive Producers: Rabbi Shai Markowitz Nechemiah Hoch Mint Media Production Team: Senior Production Manager: Moshe Niehaus Mint Media Production Team: Rivky Leibenstein Devorah Loeb Usher Weldler Mint Media Special Effects: Mordy Fisgus - CCO/Director of Special Effects Jeremy Lewis - Associate Director Shayna Goldman- Associate VFX Editor Mint Media Cinematography : Zachary Snygg Sam B. Chaim Bhatia


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