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Track 2 - Zrilly Werzberger | טרעֶק 2 - זרילי ווערצבערגער

Last year, we released 'The Track' and the feedback I got was beyond words, there's nothing like a track filled with pure Simcha.

So guess what?!

We're back with Track 2,

More music, more energy and more Simcha!

Listen. Dance. Repeat.

Let me know how you enjoyed in the comments below!

Concept & Sung by Zrilly Wertzberger

Project Management: SolBlum Media

Music by Srulik & Moshe Mendelsohn

Choir: David Taub

Vocal Production by Gershy Schwarcz @EdgwareStudios

Mix: Yanky Cohen

Cover Design & Animation: VigiGee

Marketing: SolBlum Media


For Bookings:

(347) 902-0667


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