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Top-Grade Best Quality Sushi in Lakewood: An Inside Look at the Sushi stand at JUS by Julie

Join us as we explore the top-grade, best quality sushi available in Lakewood, NJ. We sit down with Michael Levy from Deal, NJ, at the renowned JUS by Julie, where he has opened his exceptional Sushi Station.

- Chef Tommy's Expertise: Watch Chef Tommy present a variety of fresh fish, from the highest-grade Toro, known for its fatty and marbleized texture, to lean Bluefin, baby Yellowtail, and the finest fresh salmon that melts in your mouth.

- Exclusive Ingredients: Discover the unique appetizers, rolls, poke bowls, platters, toppings, and sauces crafted by Chef Tommy. Learn about the fish sourced from Japan and other countries, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity.

- Unique Presentation: Michael Levy showcases his exclusive wood boxes imported from overseas, adding a special touch to the sushi experience.

Visit Us:

- Location: JUS by Julie, 700 Cedarbridge Ave, Unit 5B, Lakewood, NJ

- Hours: Open every day from 11 AM to 5 PM, with extended hours coming soon.

Order Now:

- UberEATS: Search for the Sushi Stand at JUS by Julie

- Phone: Call us at 732-503-5347

Come by and enjoy the finest sushi in Lakewood at JUS by Julie!


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