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Tishrei Nachas | תשרי נחת – Yiddish Nachas, Yossi Green, Dovy Meisels, Mendy H, Negina, MKProduction

MK Productions is proud to present the beautiful ‘Tishrei Nachas’ medley performed live at the Atime Shas-A-Thon grand Siyum Hashas in London, UK, where the Yiddish Nachas performed alongside Yossi Green, Dovy Meisels, the Negina Choir & The Mendy Hershkowitz Band. Get into the spirit of Tishrei with this heartwarming medley! featuring a collection of your all time favorite Tishrei songs as well as some old-time renowned Yomim Noraim classics with a new twist. We are very excited to share with you this amazing moment. Watch & Enjoy! Ochilu - Nisach נוסח אוחילה, עממי 01:02 Ochilu Lukeil - R’ Hillel Paley אוחילה לקל - ר׳ הלל פלאי 03:11 Malachei Rachamim - Pinky Weber מלאכי רחמים - פינקי וועבער 05:57 V’al Kulom ועל כולם 7:50 Zochreini - R’ Moshe Goldman Z”l זכרינו - ר׳ משה גאלדמאן ז״ל 10:48 Emes - Yossi Green אמת - יוסי גרין Credits: Event: A Time Shas-A-Thon Siyum in London, UK. Produced by: Moshy Kraus - MK Productions Music: Mendy Herskowitz Band Choir: Negina Choir Boys Choir: Yiddish Nachas Performers: Yiddish Nachas, Dovy Meisels, Yossi Green, Negina Choir, Mendy Herskowitz Band. Video Recording & Editing: Mendy Getter - Blue Studios Editing: Anshi Ekstein Mix & Mastering: Shlomy Wechter - Volume Studios Design & PR: AtrangeIt.Media / Yanky Schwartz Special Thanks to Volvi Spitzer, Mordche Fligman, Gershy Schwarts ,Zisha Schnitzler, Leiby Fasten, Anshi Eckstein, Shloime Grossman & Duvid Berger! To book Yiddish Nachas live at your event or Simcha please call 845-662-3136 or email To have the MK experience at your event please call 845-662-3136 or email To book the Mendy Hershkowitz band please call 516-253-4008 or email To book Dovy Meisels at your event please call 347-452-9499


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