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The Shul for Everyone- Khal Bnei Yisuschur - KBY Launches their Campaign, with the Ruv Rabbi Babad.

Khal Bnei Yisuschur, known as KBY, is renowned through Toms River and beyond for its warm and welcoming environment. Founded by Harav Ozer Babad shlita to be a warm, welcoming shul for everyone, KBY never fails to live up to its reputation while at the same time becoming much more than just a shul. KBY is a unique kehilla whose door is always open; Litvish, Chassidish, Yeshivish, wherever a Yid hails from, he feels the warmth surrounding him the moment he passes through KBY's door to enjoy the shul's clean and comfortable environment. KBY is the shul that provides every amenity. Whether it's simply a hot cup of coffee with a cookie or an air-conditioned beis midrash regardless of the hour, countless shiurim - including a daf yomi twice a day, a minyan at any time, the men's mikvah or the mikvah tahara on location – the shul is here to serve the community. And now, the community has the opportunity to be here for KBY, which, to meet legal expansion requirements and continue servicing the community, demanded the necessary step of purchasing the property next door to add the acreage required by law to expand. But that was just one stepping stone. Lawyer fees are yet another. Expanding the parking lot is a stepping stone as well. Reconstructing the buildings on the property to facilitate cash flow includes many stepping stones, as does the new mortgage, permits, and operating costs. And all of these stepping stones are steps in the right direction – for KBY to be there for you day in and day out, 24/7. KBY is everyone's shul, and we need everyone to help to make sure we can continue being that shul! please show your support would love to see your name on my page.

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