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The Legacy Of BZ (בנציון) Weiss A"H BZ Weiss is a household name in the Bonei Olam of Flatbush community. Reb Ben Zion was our long-time supporter, personal promoter, and legendary MC at every one of our events. His sudden passing, has left a gaping hole in our hearts. Words cannot express the loss that we feel without BZ at our side. BZ made Bonei Olam his life’s mission, and as a result, he touched thousands of lives and affected innumerable amounts of funds to be raised for Bonei Olam. We are dedicating ourselves in continuing his mission and we at Bonei Olam owe BZ, and the entire Weiss family, a tremendous amount of gratitude. Donate In honor OF Bz Weiss A"H to be able to continue his mission


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