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The Freilach Spotlight Series: Modim - Freilach Band Feat. YY Weingarten (Big Band Cover)

Introducing The Freilach Spotlight Series. Over the years The Freilach Band has been known for their high quality videos and performances with the biggest names in Jewish music. With so many fabulous new artists on the Jewish music scene today, we at The Freilach Band felt it’s time to try something different. Let’s put the spotlight on some of the fresh and upcoming talented singers out there, giving them our stage and connecting them to our audience with the full Freilach experience you’ve all come to expect. Ladies & gentleman, the series will surprise you in so many ways! Let us meet our first artist! Here is YY Weingarten, singing Modim originally recorded by MBD. Music by: Freilach Band/Avrumi Schreiber Produced & Arranged by: Tzvi Blumenfeld Orchestrated by: Mike Fahie & Tzvi Blumenfeld Vocalist Management & Production: Yossi Shick Label Composed by: MBD Lyrics by: Lipa Schmeltzer Mixed by: Chaim Gottesman Sound & Lighting: Halo Productions Live Sound: Baba Freilach Logistics & Backline: Shulem Heiman Video: Motty Engel Public Relations: I & Me Media Freilach Video Opening: Sharp Productions Special Thanks to Gershy Schwartz - Follow us on social media for the latest Freilach updates: Instagram - Twitter - Telegram - Facebook - YouTube - WhatsApp Status - 201-431-2489 To have Freilach Band enhance your event or Simcha: 212-234-2779 - To have YY Weingarten at your next event and for any inquiries: Call/Text/Whatsapp - 929.430.4344 Make sure to stay connected by clicking the link below: Copyright 2021 by Freilach Band - All rights reserved.


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