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Tempo 128 - Zrilly Wertzberger, Lev Choir & Naftali Schnitzler Productions

Story time: Who is this ‘soon to be everyone's favorite’ singer Zrilly Wertzberger?

Zrilly began his career as a member with the popular Lev Voices choir, eventually moving on as a soloist performing at Kumzitz all over. With his talents from Hashem to connect to a crowd, with unbelievable power and energy, Zrilly had the desire to share his music with a broader audience.

Introducing, Tempo 128! Hit play and be instantly transported to the dance floor.

See the hall bursting with Simcha. Feel Naftali Schnitzler’s music in your bones. Listen to the sweet harmonies by the Lev Choir. The stage is on fire lit up with Zrilly’s pump….Tempo 128, everyone's favorite tempo taken to the next level!

Song List:

Hinei Elokeinu - Yaakov Shwekey/Yitzy

Waldner Nigun - Traditional

Gelt - Lipa Schmeltzer/Yossi Green

Mah Yedidis - Michoel Schnitzler

Chai Chai - Motti Weiss

Loi Yisa Goy - Yaakov Shwekey/Yitzy Waldner

Bein Kodesh Lechol - Shuli Rand & Amir Dadon

Sibat HaSibot - Yishai Ribo

Credits: Music by: The Naftali Schnitzler Productions

Arranged & Conducted: Naftali Schnitzler

Choir by: Lev Choir

Arranged & Led by: Aba Berkowitz

Mixed by: Gershy Schwarts

Live Sound: Chesky Levy

Post Production by: Edgeware Studios

Music Notation by: Lipa Brach

Lighting by: GW Lighting

Stage Design by: Lipa Feldman

Stage Manager: Gedalya Weizer

Rentals: ANS Party Rental

Filmed by: Motti Engel - Engel Studios

Edited by: Ari Levy - Studio On Dot

Venue: The Continental Hall

YouTube Thumbnail: I & Me Media

Digital Marketing: Motti Klein @ MusicOnTime

Special Thanks to: Naftali Schnitzler, Hershy Weinberger, Aba Berkowitz, Yossi Shick, Gedalya Weizer, Moishe Weizer, Yoely Friend, Yidi Laundau, Yisucher Orgal, Chaim Brown, Shmeil Hersh Miller


Keyboard: Naftali Schnitzler.

Guitar: Ari Kohn.

Trombone: Dani Flamm.

Trumpet: Stuart Mac.

Sax: Will Hotaling.

Percussion: John Uman.


To Have ZRILLY perform at your Simcha

Please Call/WhatsApp: 347 902 0667

Follow ZRILLY on Social Media:


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