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STEINHAUS PRODUCTIONS Presents: IBEREN FEEDL - DVD Trailer The long awaited IBEREN FEEDL is finally available for everyone to enjoy! The show that was produced by STEINHAUS PRODUCTIONS especially for HCS Families and Children with Special Needs took place on Chol Hamoed Pesach 5782 and was an “instant hit”! The show featured some of the top performers of the Heimishe Entertainment Scene and to top it all off, featured a full orchestra arranged and led by Avrumi Berko. Audiences around the globe have been waiting to enjoy the show, and it’s finally happening… The show is now available on DVD, Audio MP3 (with booklet), and USB Slides! PLUS! Upon huge demand we added an “ENGLISH SUBTITLES” option on the DVD to reach a wider audience looking for Heimishe Entertainment. There’s also a BONUS DVD with a full Hour BEHIND THE SCENES Featurette, to take you along on the journey of creating a show of this magnitude. IBEREN FEEDL is now available worldwide in stores everywhere and on Produced By: Steinhaus Productions Filmed By: Flowmotion (Additional BTS Footage, CY Media, BenHesh Studios) Video Production/Editing: STUDIO62 Production Music By: A Berko Productions Follow us on Instagram: Interen Plays Steinhaus Productions Studio62 Media Leiby Wieder - Studio62 Production Inc. #STEINHAUSPRODUCTIONS #IBERENFEEDL #DVDTrailer


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