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Staying Chasidish, Childhood in Beit Shemesh | Ahrele Samet - ShmueliCast Ep. 10

Meet Arele Samet. Born and raised in Israel, He’s been singing in ‘Chasidisha hoifn’ and on the biggest stages for more than 2 decades now, ShmueliCast was lucky enough to get his attention and get him to share his story on our program. We covered a number of topics including his music career and his new album coming soon, The war in Israel, his rabbis, lag boimer in miron and much more. We hope you will enjoy and learn something. If you enjoy the program be so kind and give us a ‘SPECIAL THANKS’, it helps us see the appreciation. And as always. like, share, and comment if you have any suggestions on how we can enhance and improve the show. Thank you. —————————————————————————— Follow on social media. ShmueliCast Shmueli Ungar Ahrele Samet

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it's not going i cant open shmueli cast #10 and latest talks engaged at 39

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