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Concrete Wall

Sneaking Backstage to Meet The Jewish Superstars.

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Where you see your life in a fun perspective🔥❤️

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00:00 intro

02:08 meeting Levy

04:24 talking to Beri

09:54 meeting LIPA

13:34 speaking to LIPA

27:29 Motty Performing

29:30 speaking to Motty

35:22 the singers together

37:55 LIPA new Songs

43:20 Levy Performing

45:08 speaking to Levy

48:37 speaking to Hershy Weinberger

50:52 speaking to JH Fuchs

56:27 Booki Tessler

57:32 Meilech Braunstein

59:30 Meeting Shlome & The Team


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