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Concrete Wall

Sneak Peek into RCCS Daily Work

Most buildings are built with brick and mortar. This building is built with love and hope. For over 25 years, Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society has uplifted Klal Yisroel in its most trying times. This past Sunday, a new future was opened for individuals and families suffering from that terrible disease. Amidst a tear-jerking, a joy-inducing ribbon-cutting ceremony, the world’s preeminent oncologists, radiologists, doctors, and department heads, mingled with families, benefactors, beneficiaries, activists, and RCCS team members to open the state-of-the-art "Avrohom & Rivka Schonberger RCCS Headquarters" in Brooklyn, NY. Though it is difficult for mere drops of ink to capture the pulsating emotion palpable at the ceremony, perhaps a few highlights may convey the life and vibrancy this new building will breathe into Klal Yisroel. Over the past few years, the medical, research, financial, logistical, and personal departments of RCCS have grown considerably and comprehensively. This new RCCS HQ, replete with offices, research facilities, and team-building spaces, will serve as a ground zero for RCCS’s expansive and rapidly expanding services. The resonant and welcoming Patient Pavilion will offer a confidential, graceful, elegant, and heartwarming oasis for cancer patients and their families to find a reprieve and solace amidst the swirling storm. RCCS has become the single comprehensive organization for all needs, solutions, and challenges born of this terrible disease. From medical, emotional, financial, and logistical, the HQ will serve as the A-Z one-stop-soul for every need. Finally, and this may be the most profound and hope-inducing element, the world's preeminent cancer doctors and medical experts came to the opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony, receiving a personal tour of the building. These leaders, who have seen it all, were blown away by the RCCS team, capabilities, and commitment. Their eyes filled with the hope and possibility that this HQ will open for cancer patients and their families for years to come. RCCS founder, Reb Hershel Kohn spoke words overflowing with emotion to the doctors, families, team members, donors, and especially the building namesake, Reb Avrohom and Rivka Schonberger and their beautiful family. World-renowned orator, Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro, inspired with wit and wisdom, while the Shira choir and live ensemble embodied the musical symphony that this new HQ will be for all Klal Yisroel. Most buildings are built on a foundation. This building will serve as a foundation upon which we can build a brighter tomorrow, toda


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