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SHTENDIG 11:30 | Yossi Shtendig • Featuring: Lipa, Dovy, Ahrele, Yoely & Shaya

SHTENDIG 11;30 is a Shtendig Musicality Production with a collection of Heimishe Chasidisha Nigunim with energetic music by Yossi Shtendig along with the special talented famous singers of Jewish Music and will lift you to higher spirits.

Get ready to sing and dance with a Chasidisha Gashmak!

Special Thanks to: Naftali Schnitzler

Mendy Weisz

Yanky Cohen

Hershy Weinberger

Simcha Shpitz

Yossi Shick

ArrangeIt Media / Yanky Heller, Vulvi Spitzer

David Taub

Gershy Schwartz / Edgware Studios

Shaya Gross

To book Yossi Shtendig or Lipa Schmeltzer 👇 Phone: (845) 596-0007 Email:


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