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Shmuly Schneider - Lulei Sorascha - R' Chaim Kanievsky zt’l | שמולי שניידער - לולי תורתך

CREDITS Sung by: Shmuly Schneider Composed and Lyrics by: Abie Rotenberg Originally featured on Journeys 3 Music by: Yisroel Ament Recording studio: The Sideyard Studio LYRICS He sits late at night, in the soft candlelight As it cast its warm glow on the pages And the words that he sees, are the secret, the key That has kept us alive through the ages. Why does he cherish the wisdom of old And delight in its study each day He knows only Torah can nourish his soul Come listen and hear what he says. CHORUS Vos Zogt Beis Hillel, Vos Meint Beis Shammai Rava, Farvos Haltz Du Nit Vi Abaye Torah, without you, I surely would die Lulei Sorascha Sha’ashuay. Vos Klert Ravina, Vos Tracht Rav Ashi P’shat Ken Min Treffen In Heilige Rashi Torah, you’ve given my spirit to me Ki Vom, Ki Vom, Chiyisoni. Lulei Sorascha Sha’ashuay, Lulei Sorascha Sha’ashuay Oz Ovadeti V’onyi, Oz Ovadeti V’onyi. L’olam Lo Eshkach Pikudecho, L’olam Lo Eshkach Pikudecho Ki Vom, Ki Vom Chiyisoni, Ki Vom, Ki Vom Chiyisoni.


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