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Shmueli Ungar - Vekarev Pezurainu - וקרב פזורינו - New Single

I’m proud to introduce my new single, "Vekarev Pezurainu" off my upcoming album which is appropriately being released as we head into Sukkos. As we approach this meaningful time, we seek to strengthen our spiritual connection with Hashem. This new song reflects the deep emotions we experience as we reaffirm Hashem as our King and accept Him as our Father once more. The release in the month of Tishrei is particularly significant, as it was this time of year when the Lubavitcher Rebbe who taught the Chabad Nigun version of these words to his Chassidim during Tishrei of 1963. The Rebbe focused on the the lyrics which are drawn from Mussaf, "Hu Elkoenu," symbolizing not only our declaration of Hashem as King but also our trust in His promise to redeem us from our current exile. The song was composed by Hershey Weinberger with Yehuda Galili providing the musical arrangements. Presented by Sholom Vagshul. To listen to "Vekarev Pezurainu" you can find it on all major platforms where Jewish music is available. As well as streaming May this music enhance your contemplation during this sacred time. Choir: Capella Choir Choir Arranged by: Nussi Rotman Post production by: Yanky cohan Mixed by: Yaniv Balas Vocals recorded at Shevach studios Lyric Video: Shoshi Colorful Artwork: PR/Social Media: Sruly Meyer For bookings call or What'sApp: 718-475-1111 - Follow me on Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Telegram:


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