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Racheim Uleini • Feivel Greenberg • רחם עלינו • פייבל גרינבערג

Racheim Uleini is one of Many Compositions that I had the zechiya to compose bisyata Dishmeiya.

Those Are very powerful words of Birchas Krias Shema in Tefilas Shachris that we are praying everyday.

Asking Hashem for his Mercy and his great Chasudim he should never ever leave us. In times that we are now we need his Rachmonis and Chasodim more than ever. Enjoy the Heart warming Song and get inspired by it.

Credits: Produced by Double M productions Composed by C.Y. Kraus Sung by Feivel Greenberg Choir Arranged & Recorded by Nussy Landau studios & Double M Studios Music Arrangements, Vocals Recorded & Edited by Mendy Mertz Mixed & Mastered by Hershy Pavel & Mendy Mertz Guitar by Ari Kohn Bass Guitar by Yossi Mozeson Strings Conducted by Misha Gutenberg Strings Recorded by MG studios Engineerd by Motty Gantz & Mendy Mertz Photoshoot By Shia Friedman Cover Design by Pinchus Raab - PR Marketing Group Digital Marketing by Motty Klein @MusicOnTime

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