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R' Shayele - A Goy In Kerestir | ר' ישעיה'לה קערעסטירער

The Yeshuos brought about through the koach of R' Shayeh ben R' Moshe has made waves around the world. Yet, when Krisztián, a Goy of Kerestir, found himself in a serious life and death situation, it was yet again the koach of R' Shayele that wrought the Yeshuah for not another Yid, but no less, a goy! Project L’Hisorer Told by R’ Pinny Rubinstein In Partnership with Torah Anytime To contact R' Pinny Rubinstein please email: To contact Kesher Media please call: 347.750.9165 Produced by KesherMedia Filmed by Nati Elbar Edited by B. Ullman Sound Mix by Gershy Schwartz


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