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Pischi Li - Shlomo Daskal - A Berko - Shira - Yingerlich (Composed by Mendel Brachfeld) | פתחו לי

The organization Chaiyai Olam made a beautiful siyum event on Mesechtas Pesachim. Featuring a new masterpiece song Pischi Li in honor of R' Mendel Brachfeld, a strong and dedicated supporter of the organization. Pischi Li one of R' Mendel Brachfeld's beautiful compositions was the appropriate choice to perform at the siyum which came to fruition after the reopening of Shuls post covid when all of us where finally able to go back to our pre covid learning schedules. Credits: Composition: R' Mendel Brachfeld Soloist: Shlome Daskal Production: Avrumy Berko Productions Choir: Shira choir Arranged and Conducted by Leiby fasten Kids Choir: Yingerlach • Reb Shia Rosen Video & Editing: Motty Engel Post Production: SYR Studios Description: PR Marketing Group • Pinchus Raab


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