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Pesach In Der Heim - Benny Friedman, Zaltz Band & Yedidim | פסח אינדערהיים –בני פרידמן, זאלץ וידידים

Just picture a Yiddishe Mother in the kitchen, preparing for Pesach in Yerushalyim, Lakewood, Manchester, Australia or anywhere else in the world - there will be one soundtrack playing on repeat and we guarantee that!

Shloimy and the team asked the ultimate question: which songs capture the essence of Pesach? The answer lies in this masterpiece, featuring global sensation Benny Friedman and the magnificent Yedidim Choir.Arrangements masterfully crafted by the Zaltz Band. This masterpiece has a classic touch with an edgy twist, courtesy of Zaltz's signature style!

Pesach In Der Heim brings you the classic tunes that fill the every Seder table at the Pesach Seder - In Der Heim!

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Sung By: Benny Friedman

Music by: Zaltz Band

Arrangements & Band Leader: Shloimy Zaltzman

Co Arranged by: Shloimi Schinfeld

Choir: Yedidim Choir (Arranged by Yoel Hersh Fuchs)

Medley Concept & Title of Video: Chesky Levy

Guitarist: Pinny Lunger

Drummer: Zishy Green

Bassist: Joey Miller

Post Production: Motti Feldman

Additional Post Production: Chesky Herzog, Yossi Gobioff

Vocal Edit: Tzvi Fishoff

Filmed by: Motty Engle

Edited by: Studio 62

Live Sound & Production: Chesky Levy & Co

Mix: Chaim Gottesman

Artwork: Tzvi Fishoff

Logistics & Stage Management: Shloimi Schinfeld & Peretz Traube

Stage Manager: AJ Ravenell

Benny PR: I & Me Media

- - -

Thank You for your input:

Tzvi Fishoff - for everything! No words!

Ilan Schnitzer, NR Management, and Peretz Traube - for all your input!

Yoel Hersh Fuchs - for your masterful choir arrangements.

Shui Salzman - for your help and guidance.

Motti Feldman - for your tremendous input in the editing process!

Chesky Herzog - for your friendship and constant support!

Nochum Levitan - for your great direction and song selection!

Ben Beitel - The Baal Simcha!

Mechy Schlesinger for connecting us with ShulSpace.

The Kipshuto Voting Group!

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Chasal - Karlin

Vehi Sheamda - Stolin

Vehi Sheamda - Bobov

Dayenu - Chabad

Betzeis Yisroel - Modzitz

Interlude - Zaltz Band

Baruch Hamakom - Rivi Kenigsberg

Kadeish - Motty Vizel

Dayenu - Shmueli Ungar

Mekimi - MBD

Hodu (Pharoh in Pajamas) - Rebbe Alter

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Connect with Zaltz Band:

☎️ (845) 598-9205


Connect with Benny:

Instagram - @bennysmusic

TikTok - @bennysmusic

Twitter - @bennysmusic

YouTube - @BennysMusic

For Benny bookings and inquiries:

WhatsApp: (352) 770-1439

להזמנות אירועים בארץ ישראל:

יונתן יחיאל - 0525000210


Book Yedidim Choir: 347-871-8753 Follow Yedidim Choir: Instagram/Twitter: @YedidimChoir


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