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Oraysa Siyum Shabbos Highlights - Featuring Benny Friedman

Credits: Performed By: Benny Friedman Musical Production: Doni Gross Composed By: Mordechai Pluchenik Video Production: Mint Media The Oraysa siyum on מסכת שבת was held on September 9th at Lake Terrace Hall, Lakewood New Jersey. Over 1000 men, woman and children from around the world gathered on motzei Tzom Gedaliah to celebrate this monumental event. Oraysa is the fastest growing learning program with over 8000 lomdim worldwide. The innovation of Oraysa has sparked a silent revolution throughout the Torah world. Thousands of people from every segment of Klal Yisroel have adopted the Oraysa mehalech and embraced it for their hours of k’vius ittim latorah. Oraysa has opened new vistas in Limud Hatorah. The global initiative unites all of Klal Yisroel through a structured daily learning platform designed to learn, review and retain all of Shas, be’zeras Hashem. One learns one new amud daily Sunday-Thursday, each day reviewing yesterday’s amud, and utilizing Friday and Shabbos to review to 2.5 blatt learned that weeek. Oraysa provides all the necessary resources needed to keep pace with the program wherever you are and whatever your personal circumstances might be. Daily audio and video shiurim, including an iyun-shiur for every amud, are accessible from anywhere via the website, apps, daily email or call-in hotline. Resources including the marei mekomos, review sheets, bechinos and more, are available via the website or can be sent to your email inbox each and every day. Please visit or call 1845.4OR.AYSA to learn more about the program and order a free Oraysa calendar.


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