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OFF THE CHARTS: Guests - Sheya Mendlowitz, Yisroel Lamm & DING

While there’s lots of performers whose names bring to mind not just great Jewish music but decades of groundbreaking, game-changing songs, albums and concert performances, the list of “behind the scenes” names with the vision, talent and skill to turn ideas into groundbreaking timeless game changers is way harder.

...But that didn't stop the folks at Amudim from reaching out to our guests; Yisroel Lamm, Dovid Nachman “Ding” Golding and Sheya Mendlowitz-- 3 individuals whose names are synonymous with Jewish musical milestones--brought together for the first time ever-- to share some of their most unforgettable moments as well as some they probably with were forgettable. Welcome to Off The Charts, what happens when songs, sessions and shows don’t go as arranged.

Filmed for the 2021 Amudim United to Heal Event. Visit

for more information #unitetoheal


Video recorded at: Artscroll Studios

Video filmed and edited by: KolRom Multimedia

Show Concept/Format/Questions Provided By: SamAsh


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