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No bucher left behind, Struggling teenagers, Loving every yid | Ari Katz - ShmueliCast Ep. 9

The problem of struggling teenagers who fall out of the system is no secret to anyone, but Ari Katz is not the type to sit in the side and do nothing. With his passion and love for every single yid he decided to not let them struggle alone. join us on a thoughtful shmooze we had with Ari where we hear from him about his ‘kolel’, what he established as a place where every bucher has a home and is accepted, no matter their struggles and current stage, a place where these boys get built up to overcome their life challenges. and as Ari says he learned and became the most raised by them. As always like, share, and comment if you have any suggestions how we can enhance and improve the show. Thank you. ----------------------------------------------------- If you want to join r' Ari's kolel, You can contact him on: Email: Phone: 8454590124 ----------------------------------------------------- Follow on social media. ShmueliCast Shmueli Ungar ----------------------------------------------------- You can follow kolel rivnitz on: YouTube / @kollelribnitz Instagram ----------------------------------------------------- You can donate and support kolel rivnitz:


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