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Nishmas - Dovy Meisels & Pinny Miller |נשמת - דובי מייזעלס & פיני מיללער

השיר מוקדש לרפואת האשה החשובה מרת תרצה בת מרים לרפואה שלימה As we’re getting closer to Pesach when every Yiddish Home will be singing at their seder "Nishmas Kol Chai" and thank Hashem that we're able to open our eyes every morning and see the goods he does with us every minute in our daily life, we're able to acknowledge the Chesed of Hashem granting us the ability to breathe and live life healthy, and after all we sit at the Seder table and enjoy each & every one with his beautiful family, that's when every Yiddish Soul sings to Hashem with praise the song of prayer "Nishmas", There wasn't a better time for me to present to you this beautiful live performance, at which we sang this soul stirring & uplifting Hershy Weinberger Composition (Originally appeared on the Shabbos'dig album - 2020) also joined on stage by the beautiful heartwarming voice of child soloist Pinny Miller, Pinny's voice added so much to the performance, we are truly blessed to have him up here. Sing along & Join me in praising Hashem thru song & soul! Lyrics: נשמת כל חי תברך את שמך ה׳, ורוח כל בשר תפאר ותרומם, טאטע איך שריי צו דיר נשמת, טאטע איך לויב פאר דיר נשמת, ווייל די האסט מיר געגעיבן די מתנה פון לעיבן, זינג איך פאר דיר נשמת כל חי. "Nishmas" was performed live by the 'Chesterfield Daf Yomi Siyum' on March 7th 2022 at The Eagle Ridge Ballroom in Lakewood NJ Event Music Arranged by Dovy Meisels Production Joined by: Child solo: Pinny Miller Moishy Schwartz (Electric Guitar ) Don Stern (Keys) Meir Loffler (Percussion) Meir Rosenbaum (Flute) Live Sound Recording: Mendy Mertz @ Double M Production Post Production & Mix: A House Of Music Filmed by: Motty Engel Video Edited by: Ari Levy @ StudioOnDot Cover Design: Meir Ungar Special Thanks for: Yossi Shick Label Michael Schnitzler Yanky Orlansky Moshe Miller Shaya Gross Chaim Brieger And to party planner Rochel Leah Stern Connect with Dovy on :

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Samuel Moskovitz
Samuel Moskovitz
Apr 10, 2022

the nishmas song is so inspiring it takes over my heart

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