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Concrete Wall

Never Ends - Tzvi Felder | אהבתו - צבי פעלדער

Dear listener, I hope this song helps you feel Hashem's endless love for you. Listen to the tune and message that came from my heart. Tzvi Felder - Arranged by: Eli Woznica - Le Matta Studios Mixed, Mastered, and Vocals Recorded by: Eli Woznica - Le Matta Studios Choir Members and Advisory Team: Shloimi Weiss, Shmuli Weiss, Rephael Galet, Eli Woznica. Additional Choirs: Yisrael Kopstick, Uri Kestenbaum Piano and Drums: Eli Woznica Guitars: Aryeh Kunstler Violin: Mihail Ciobanu Flute and sax: Braxton Hicks Cover Art and lyric video design: Amiel Diamond #TzviFelder


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