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Concrete Wall

Motty Ilowitz singing “Es Brent" - מאטי אילאוויטש "עס ברענט"

Following a pogrom in the Polish town Przytyk in 1938, Mordkhe Gebirtig - a Polish Yiddish poet - wrote this stirring song "It burns! Brothers, it burns!..." as a reaction to the bloody act against Jews. Today, I sing this song about the challenges our community currently faces. I bumped into - Abram Leib Burshtein - a popular musician from Israel, where conflict continues to impact us, and felt like singing this song. It's disheartening that the themes of oppression and hardship are so relevant. Let us unite against oppression and stand strong together.🕯️🎶 #NeverForget #unity #israel #Yiddish #song #esbrent #itsburning #poetry #poem #peace #Hope


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