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Motty Ilowitz, Erev Rosh Hashanah poem 5783 | מאטי אילאוויטש ערב ראש השנה תשפג

As the year 5783 draws to a close, Here's the poem -a yearly tradition of mine.🍎 In this year's poem, I've woven a creative tapestry around the letter "gimmel," exploring its significance and drawing connections to my recently released album, "Hasugos." 🎶 May the year ahead be filled with love, blessings, and joy for us all. L'shanah Tovah! 🍯🍏🎉 Don't forget to check out my album "Hasugos" for more creative explorations and musical delights! 🎵 #5783 #RoshHashanah #JewishNewYear #Hasugos #Poetry #Traditions #LshanahTovah #YearEndPoem #Gimmel


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