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Money Expert Brilliantly Exposes The American Finance Trap

Meet Igor Meystelman, a debt specialist who gives us an inside look into the world of debt.

He uncovers the real truth behind credit cards like you've never heard before and shares eye-opening stories about the debt people are facing behind closed doors.

He was so eloquent and quite a few of the things he shares will really open your mind during our latest Kosher Money episode.

To contact Igor, email or

Igor has his own podcast on relationships.


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00:00 Intro

02:20 What Does Igor Do For A Living?

03:20 The National Credit Card Debt Problem

11:12 The Credit Card Illusion

13:02 Credit Card Debt by the Numbers

15:04 Credit Card Company’s Saviness

17:46 I’m In Debt, Now What?

23:00 Colel Chabad

24:35 How to Stop the Snowball Effect of Debt

32:12 How to Help Others in Debt

36:06 Paying Off Debt with Equity: Good Idea?

39:28 The Donors’ Fund

41:21 Necessities Vs. Luxuries

46:27 How Credit Companies Get You

49:39 Is Freezing Your Credit a Good Idea?

51:18 Filing for Bankruptcy

54:08 Twillory

55:21 Giving Your Identity to Someone Else

58:46 Becoming a Marriage Counselor

1:05:36 Outro & Book Giveaway

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