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Mi Mi Adir - Shea Kaller Band - Lev Choir מי מי אדיר - יושע קאללער - לב

Friends and family who were gathered at the wedding of Gedalya & Chany Weiser were treated to a vibrant performance of a beautiful Yossi Green Composition which is rarely sung at live events due to it's tricky melody and deep harmonies.

Over the past decade, we have invested our hearts, souls, and vocal cords into producing stellar performances that turn everyday gatherings noteworthy, Therefore, we joined forces with the talented Shea Kaller Band, and together with Shea, we took upon ourselves the challenge of performing this tricky and unique song to bring you an enjoyable and mood-lifting experience.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, or just even a cup of cold seltzer (get it?) and vibe along to this masterpiece. L'chaim!

Since the experience is all about you, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy listening! 🎧

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