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Meyer S. Halberstam, MD - Satmar Health Conference

Satmar Kehillah Presents Health Conference Headlined by Experts and Expert Rabbonim YS Gold This coming Monday, parshas ki setzei, a massive health conference will take place at the Continental Hall in Williamsburg, in which members of the Satmar kehillah will get a firsthand glimpse at many new medical innovations aimed at catching health issues in time. The conference will be addressed by an array of prominent professors, as well as the Volkaner Rov, with the aim of educating and inspiring the community to have themselves screened in a timely manner. The medical industry is increasingly making incredible strides in innovating methods that make it easier and easier for people to take preventative measures, catching medical issues with enough time, before they become a serious health issue, R”l. Newly-available, non-invasive screening methods that have been developed have already saved countless lives, and there is also new information being learned on preventing disease in the first place. These innovations will be discussed at the conference in the hope that the community will take advantage of them. Timely screening is now being recommended from an early age, and even conservative estimates from prestigious medical research centers assert that millions of lives have been saved over the years through early screening and detection—all thanks to awareness that is being made as to the importance of timely screenings in accordance with doctor’s recommendations. Sadly, many in our community do not heed these recommendations, not taking advantage of these early screenings. This stems in part from a misconception that these tests and screenings are difficult or invasive—at a time that it is only getting easier and simpler, thanks to advanced medicine. To address some of these misconceptions, Khal Yetev Lev d’Satmar has undertaken to educate the community on the crucial importance of these screenings, and the ease with which they are available and accessible. “If people would know how simple and non-invasive these tests are, they would not postpone it for even one day,” said one organizer behind the event. “They would remain up-to-date on their testing, thereby acquiring peace of mind, knowing that they are in good health.” Incredible efforts have been expended on the part of askonim—in tandem with Chevra Hatzolah of Williamsburg, Rabbonim, and experts from the medical field— to ensure the success of this event in educating the community on the importance of timely screenings. It is hoped that thousands in the community will take advantage of this opportunity to learn about this issue, and take away practical information on the crucial need for timely health screenings, gaining health and peace of mind for themselves and their families. #Satmar #ODA


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