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Concrete Wall

Meir - Shivisi (Jam Session) | מאיר - שויתי

שויתי ה' לנגדי תמיד

Hashem is with you always, no matter where you are, should it be in a good place or even Chas V'Shalom in a bad place, he'll always be with you, and here for you, whatever you should need!

Composed by: Meir Rosenberg.

Produced by: Tuli Brill.

Arranged by: Mendy Hershkowitz @ Sonic Duo Inc.

Vocals Recorded @ Sonic Duo Inc.

Mixed & Mastered by: Sonic Duo Inc.

Choir Arranged by: Yoily Polatseck.

Recorded by: Zemiros Choir.

Video Produced by: Mudeo Productions.

Design by: Yanky Heller/ArrangeIt.Media.

Special Thanks to Yossi Shick.


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