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Concrete Wall

Meilech Kohn New Album - Support Meilech's Music Press the play button! Meilech Kohn, a singer blessed by Hashem with a true gift to unite people through the language of music! His songs have touched hearts, and been a loyal companion to countless souls he may have or hasn't even met in person (yet)! The beat can't stop, won't stop, but it sure needs some fuel! Making these beautiful masterpieces comes with its share of costs. We're talking studio time, production, mixing, mastering, and hey, even guitar strings don't come cheap, folks! This is your chance to participate in the making of the upcoming album “It’s Been A While”, to inspire people to be Besimcha and to be in conversation with Hashem to be a Better Yid, a better person and be Mechazek and MeSameach Klal Yisroel. Together, let's amplify the positivity, the joy, and the Chizuk that his music imparts! What ever you can contribute will help us make this album and many more to come. Let's keep Meilech’s music alive! Please support Meilech's music by visiting And let's keep the world living and breathing through this holy music! Every bit/beat counts. After all, music doesn’t grow on trees! (Pun intended) CREDITS: Produced by Gershy Schwarcz Video Production by @EdgwareStudio @poweronstudios Concept by: Gershy Schwarcz Written & featured:Meilech Kohn Cover art by / AIM Creatives Staring actors: Menashe Listig Aaron Holder Marc (Moshe) Kohn Avrumi Noe Yossi Tauber Gershy Schwarcz @TheViggy50 Yitzy Klein DJ KLMN Locations: - Landed Eagle Reserve - Escalator scene at an undisclosed mall :) #MeilechKohn #NewAlbum #JewishMusic


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