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Meilech Kohn - Eish Tamid | מיילך קאהן - אש תמיד

Eish Tamid is the only song that can basically explain the elephant in the room to you all. Where has Meilech been? We haven't heard from him in a while. It's been a while (that's another song to be featured in the new album coming soon). So the answer to you all is "Eish Tamid." Meilech's fire is still going strong. As time flew past, songs have been written and recorded, and I got married to the light of my life, Baruch Hashem! So now it's time to drop the new music video I'm excited to share with you, "Eish Tamid." Enjoy like and subscribe. Meilech Kohn Also please ask me permission before you use this track for any reason other than simply playing it for your enjoyment it is copyright 2022©️ Credits: A Gershy Schwarcz Project Composed & performed by Meilech Kohn Video Produced by Chaimish Location: Shabbos Shul Song Production by Yitzy Berry & Eli Klein Digital Marketing by @MusicOnTimeOfficial Special thanks to our sponsors: Landed Eagle @EdgwareStudio @AbiselStatus Thank you Infinite Attire for the coolest Talit. inquiries - Dancers: Mendy Tzigler Burich Blum Shia Roth Menachem steinmitz Leiby Honig Duvi Stark Rubi Feiner


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