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Medley Yomim Noroim: Avi Kraus, Effi Samet & Hershele Rosenberg (Official Video)

Medley Yomi Venoroim: Avi Kraus & Hershele Rosenberg - מחרוזת ‏ימים ונוראים: ‏אבי ‏קראוס והרשלה רוזנברג As time swiftly passes us, the Yomim Venoroim come closer, there are some special songs that we felt had a lot of meaning to us. A mix of songs composed By: Moishe Goldman, Yigal Calek & Doody Rosenberg We hope that you are as moved by these tunes as much as we are. Enjoy ❤️ Avi, Effi and Hershele 🎼 ---------- Vocals and music: Avi Kraus, Effi Samet and Hershele Rosenberg 🎤 Photography and video production: Joel Gilbert & Sammy Cohen 🎥 SHOW LESS


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