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MDY Siyum on Half of Shas with R' Eli Stefansky

3 HOURS OF MUSIC AND CHIZZUK!! Over 1,000 Yidden got together for a Shabbos of Achdus & Chizzuk - celebrating the Siyum of Seder Nashim and Half of Shas together with their maggid shiur Reb Eli Stefansky and fellow MDY members. At the Armon hotel in Stamford, Connecticut, MDY members celebrated their learning and the family that is MDY (Mercaz Daf Yomi) The Motzei Shabbos music was led by MDY members Shmaya Fischer and Shira choir led by MDY member Hershy Weinberger - together with Yoeli Dickman Orchestra! For more information and to join MDY visit


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