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March Lecha Dodi - Shira Choir, Shea Kaller Band | מארש לכה דודי ר׳ יענקל תלמוד - שירה, יושע קאלער

The comfort of familiarity, the warmth of find yourself yearning for the classic songs you know and love because they feel like home. One of Shira Choir's most notable traits is the masterful way in which they reinvigorate integral musical pieces of Jewish history. The brilliant Reb Yankel Talmud z'l gave us this inspiring composition of Lecha Dodi on Shavuos in 1953, Now, it's been given new life by the artful arrangements of The Shea Kaller Band and the vocal prowess of The Shira Choir in this moving rendition. ————————— Credits: Composed by: R’ Yankel Talmud z”l Sung by: Shira Choir Music arrangement by: Shea Kaller Live sound by: B&H Productions Engineer: Moshe Zuckerman Mixed by: Chaim Gottesman Video and editing by: Motty Engel ————————— Shira Choir - Bookings: 718-855-SHIRA(7447) Follow Shira on social media: Instagram: Telegram: Twitter: WhatsApp: Shea Kaller Band - Bookings: 845-445-6100 Follow Shea on social media: Telegram: YouTube: / @sheakaller1139


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